Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Caucus Coup" in King County

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UPDATE from 36th District Caucus in Seattle, WA

I'm at it right now, an alternate who couldn't vote. There was a lot of fighting early on as we took over with the chair and started what should be labeled a 'caucus coup'. GOP likely ran off with the bubble-sheet ballots when we took over, there was a lot of confusion over how to keep the voting legit now that the ballots that were supposed to be here vanished. Motions rose to kick our chair out after voting ended and chaos reigned, which ended with a resounding spartan-like "NAY!" during voting on the motion. Very awesome. Some guy on an oxygen tank requested for us to hurry up before he ran out of air, people rose to volunteer tanks they apparently had lying around. Very bizarre and funny.

6 hours later, looks like we took the ENTIRE slate of delegates. Congrats North Seattle, I hope we keep this up everywhere. Go Ron Paul!

EDIT: CONFIRMED. These 21 delegates are going straight to the State caucuses.
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Ron Paul just swept the 46th in King County, WA. Got 20 of 20! (Confirmed)

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