Friday, May 11, 2012

Will Mitt Romney Be Invalidated?

-Ron Paul Forums
Mitt Romney is going to be invalidated as nominee of the Republican party!

Rule number 11:

The Republican National Committee shall
not, without the prior written and filed approval of all
members of the Republican National Committee from
the state involved, contribute money or in-kind aid to
any candidate for any public or party office except the
nominee of the Republican Party or a candidate who is
unopposed in the Republican primary after the filing
deadline for that office."

But what everyone seems to be overlooking and is the most important part of the law is under part (b).

... No person nominated in violation of
this rule shall be recognized by the Republican National
Committee as the nominee of the Republican Party
from that state."

Meaning any state where Romney and the RNC have worked together, without the written and filed prior approval of ALL GOP State Committee members of that state, IS INVALID. He cannot be recognized by the RNC as the nominee of those states.