Thursday, June 21, 2012

Will Ron Paul attend Paul Fest?

-Lew Rockwell
There will be at least 3 notable meetings in Tampa in August: the RNC Fascisticon, the campaign's Ron Paul Rally, and the grassroots' Ron Paul Festival.

According to the Tampa Tribune, "Libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul is planning his activities at the Republican National Convention in Tampa with an eye to making sure his supporters are part of the mainstream GOP process and not a disruptive force, a top campaign official said Tuesday.

"Partly for that reason, Paul intends to hold his own rally the Sunday before the convention and avoid a three-day Paul Festival to be held at the state fairgrounds – even though the event is intended to celebrate his 77th birthday."

My prediction: Ron will not snub a happy gathering of people devoted to him heart and soul.
(RonPaulForums)(Daily Paul)


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