Monday, November 5, 2012

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Can Blindness Be Prevented for $27 a Month?
To the outrage of the Pharma-FDA-Doctor Complex? Article by Bill Sardi.

Headed to Hades in a Handbasket
But enjoying the ride. Article by Fred Reed.

Is the US Military the Lord's Army?
Laurence Vance on some repellent myths.

Has the US Stolen Other Countries' Gold?
What's exactly in the NY Fed and Ft. Knox?

Nobody Here But Us Neocons
Justin Raimondo on Romney's death guides.

Environmentalists Hate Mankind
James Delingpole talks to Lew Rockwell about Algoreans.

Don't Get Sick, Blind, or Dead
From the stuff in your garage, says Eric Peters.

The Good, the Fast, and the Furious
Jesse Trentadue and the FBI. Article by Philip Watson.

Voting Is Violence
Why not just write in Lucifer? Article by Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy.

Is Coin Entrepreneur Bernard von NotHaus a Terrorist?
Anthony Wile on the lies of federal persecutors.

1 Flight Wonder
Howard Hughes's mammoth and amazing Spruce Goose.

Crank-Up Your Metabolism
Edward Group on how to improve yours in 24 hours.


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