Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Ron Paul's Farewell to Congress
So long, politics -- hello, a future of liberty.

Lincoln's Greatest Failure
Tom DiLorenzo on how a real statesman would have ended slavery.

Silencing Petraeus
What is this scandal all about? Article by Andrew Napolitano.

Stalin Committed No Crimes
Says a tax-funded professor. Article by Gary North.

Is a Military Coup in the Works?
Jack Douglas on Petraeus and the vast struggles for US imperial power.

How To Escape Student Debt Slavery
James Altucher is the Great Emancipator.

The Problem With Shirtless FBI Agents
Bob Wenzel on the police state and you.

Why the Ridiculous Speed Limits?
The US copied the German Autobahn, after all. Article by Eric Peters.

3 Myths About Secession
It's as American as apple pie, says Ryan McMaken.

A Dirty Scalpel
The government has one ready for you. Article by Gary Barnett.

7 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging It
A good night's sleep, that is. Article by Mark Sisson.

3-D Printer Car Used in New James Bond Movie
To spare the original Aston Martin DB5.


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