Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ron Paul and Barney Frank send letter to President Obama urging respect for state marijuana laws
Representatives Ron Paul and Barney Frank today wrote to President Obama urging him to respect the wishes of the voters of Colorado and Washington and refrain from federal prosecution of the inhabitants of those states who will be following the states’ laws with regard to the use of marijuana.

Representatives Paul and Frank are the main sponsors of legislation that would remove criminal sanctions for the use of marijuana at the federal level, but they noted in their letter to the President that there are many other reasons why he should defer to the voters of Washington and Colorado with regard to marijuana use. The Representatives cited respect for the rights of states to make decisions affecting their own people, respect for the wishes of the voters expressed in democratic elections, and the need to conserve federal resources by not expending them on investigations, arrests, prosecutions, trials and incarcerations.
(continues)(The Hill)(Daily Paul)

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