Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ron Paul on Piers Morgan

Your Share of Fannie, Freddie Losses: $1,300

-Smart Money
Fannie Mae said Wednesday it lost $2.4 billion during the fourth quarter of 2011 and $16.9 billion for the full year.

It has had worse years, remarkably. Fannie lost about $60 billion in 2008 and $72 billion the following year–two of the 10 largest corporate losses ever. Sibling Freddie Mac is responsible for a third, a $51 billion loss in 2008.

Ron Paul campaign complains about Washington state GOP 'shenanigans'

-Seattle Times
The Ron Paul presidential campaign, suspicious of the Republican establishment, has accused top Washington GOP officials of "shenanigans" in delegate appointments ahead of Saturday's precinct caucuses.
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Tom Woods Show Update

-Tom Woods
Friends, I’m grateful for everyone’s advice on the show. It looks like it’s going to be a reality, as an Internet-based program (M-F for an hour) to begin with and then we see where it goes from there. Peter Schiff has generously donated half the amount I’ll need for equipment, and his people are helping get the show off the ground. I’ll also be hosting Peter’s show more regularly.

The Real Conspiracy

Dear Supporter,

In this race for the Republican nomination for President, there is one very big and very real "conspiracy" that's been going on since day one.

But it's not one members of the media bother to speak about very often.

So today, I'm going to lay the facts bare.

The real conspiracy is my opponents' attempts to masquerade as conservatives when, in reality, they're anything but!

Just take a look at my campaign's "Three of a Kind" TV ad to see what I'm talking about.
And after you watch it, won't you please contribute as generously as you can to my Super Tuesday Final Push to help me run this ad in key Super Tuesday states?

I hope you will.

Already, I'm running ads like this in Vermont, Idaho, and Washington.

But with your generous support, I'm hoping to expand this ad buy into Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, Alaska, North Dakota, and Hawaii.

The truth is, right now, our nation is over $15 TRILLION in debt.

More and more Americans are realizing that we must change course - and FAST.

But a recent study of my opponents' economic plans showed that every one would only INCREASE our federal debt!

My plan? It does exactly what I say it will do - it enacts REAL spending cuts and puts our nation back on the path to prosperity.

But it's not just the facts about their economic plans my opponents are trying to hide. Just consider:
*** Whether it's the $700 billion TARP bailout, traditional marriage, abortion, the Second Amendment, or taxes and spending, Mitt Romney has been on both sides of virtually every issue important to conservative voters;

*** From supporting TARP, to Cap-and-Tax, to the individual mandate central to "ObamaCare," to getting paid $1.6 million by Freddie Mac to keep the housing bubble expanding, the truth is, Newt Gingrich has a record even Barack Obama would be proud of;

*** Rick Santorum voted to DOUBLE the size of the Department of Education, give millions of taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood, and even voted with Big Labor against a National Right to Work Act to end forced union dues nationwide.
Now media reports are saying Big Labor is hoping for a Barack Obama vs. Rick Santorum showdown this November.

That way, it's a win for the union bosses regardless of the outcome!

These are hardly conservative records.
On the other hand, I've spent more than 30 years consistently advocating the Founding principles of individual liberty, free markets, sound money, and constitutional government.

The American people are realizing this fact, which is why I'm drawing crowds by the thousands at each rally I hold across the country.

It's also why I have a real shot at winning the Republican nomination because of my campaign's incredible success at picking up delegate after delegate below the radar.

And when I WIN the Republican nomination, it's going to wreck the establishment's Big Government, big spending gravy train.

But with Super Tuesday fast approaching, it's critical my campaign has the funds to turn out as many supporters of mine as possible and run TV ads like "Three of a Kind."

So can I count on you to make a generous contribution to my Super Tuesday Final Push?

I hope you will.

The truth is, I'm the only candidate who you can trust to do exactly what I say I'll do if elected President.

When I say I'm going to cut $1 TRILLION in federal spending during the first year of my presidency and balance our budget by the third year - I mean it!

But as I mentioned, my campaign must have the resources during this last crucial push before Super Tuesday.

So please, make the most generous contribution you possibly can afford to my Super Tuesday Final Push.

Even if it's just $50, $25 - or $10 - it'd be greatly appreciated and you can be confident it'll be put to good use.

Together, you and I can Restore America NOW!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. The real "conspiracy" in this race for the presidency is my opponents masquerading as conservatives when, in reality, they're anything but.

The truth is, I'm the only candidate in this race you can trust to CUT spending, balance our budget, and stand up for limited constitutional government.

My campaign is feverishly trying to get the word out with our "Three of a Kind" TV ad.

Please help me run this TV ad in as many Super Tuesday states as possible by contributing to my campaign's Super Tuesday Final Push with your most generous contribution.


'Business Insider' Attacks Ron Paul

-Economic Policy Journal
Business Insider, which has a policy of not attacking individuals on its web site, just dropped that policy to attack Ron Paul.

Paul Craig Roberts: The War on Terror is a Hoax

Inflation Is A Tax And The Federal Reserve Is Taxing The Living Daylights Out Of Us

-The Economic Collapse
Ronald Reagan once famously declared that inflation is a tax, but sadly most Americans did not really grasp what he was talking about. If the American people truly understood what inflation was doing to them, they would be screaming bloody murder about monetary policy. Inflation is an especially insidious tax because it is not just a tax on your income for one year. It is a continual tax on every single dollar that you own. As your money sits in the bank, it is constantly losing value. Over time, the effects of inflation can be absolutely devastating. For example, if you put 100 dollars in the bank in 1970, those same dollars today would only have about 17 percent of the purchasing power that they did back then. In essence, you were hit by an 83 percent "inflation tax" and all you did was leave your money in the bank. So who is responsible for this? Well, the Federal Reserve controls monetary policy in the United States, and the inflationary monetary policy that the Fed has gotten all of us accustomed to is taxing the living daylights out of us. This is madness, and it needs to stop.

Paul returns to DC to assail Bernanke

-The Hill
Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) took a break from his presidential bid to pursue one of his favorite pastimes — criticizing the Federal Reserve.

Paul returned to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to question Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, who was appearing before the House Financial Services Committee to deliver his semiannual testimony.

Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke

Help Ron Paul in Washington!

-Daily Paul

The help of fellow patriots from OUTSIDE Washington State is desperately needed on caucus day March 3rd. In Washington State, most caucuses are held in pooled locations where in many cases over 200 precincts meet in one location. We have a need for 150 out of state patriots to help keep the caucus counts honest, man tables and be a presence at pooled locations in the Seattle area from 8:30 AM to approx 11:30 AM. The most important things that anyone out of state can do to help Washington right now is:

  • Travel in if you can afford it and help at the pooled caucus
  • Phone from home
  • Contact every RP supporter you know in Washington State and go to and “submit a supporter”

Many caucus goers don’t understand how the caucus process works and have never been to one before. By volunteering you’ll have the chance to keep the process honest, help new caucus goers and be a big part in delivering a WIN for Dr. Ron Paul!


Stratfor Emails: Israel Has Destroyed Iran's Nuclear Program

-Lew Rockwell
So why the hysteria for mass murder?

LRC Daily

Your Rotten Monetary Policy Is Wrecking Us
Ron Paul challenges Ben Bernanke.

Spies in New Brunswick
Andrew Napolitano on police oppression of Muslims.

Everything Republicans Say They Want
That's Ron Paul, says Charles Goyette.

Another Reason To Like Pat Buchanan
Conservatives don't. Article by Laurence Vance.

Pre-Vanish Before You Have To
One tool to start using now is anonymous web surfing, says Bill Rounds.

Bill O'Reilly and Other Morons
Peter Schiff on ignorance and idiocy about gas prices.

The Gold or Silver Price Can Be Your Enemy
The economy can have enormous bouts of strength while slowly disintegrating, says Stewart Thomson.

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Denarius
And the American dollar.

Headed to a Freer Country?
Kathleen Peddicord on learning Spanish, quickly and cheaply.

Good News on the Dollar Front
Bills are proposed in more than a dozen states to make gold and silver legal currency.

The Myth of the 8-Hour Sleep
Being awake in the middle of the night may be good for you, says Stephanie Hegarty.

Do Joint Supplements Really Help?
Mark Sisson on the debate over glucosamine, chrondroitin, and MSM.