Friday, April 6, 2012

Paul Festival - Tampa, FL Aug.24-26

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BIG NEWS fellow Ron Paul supporters and Lovers of Liberty everywhere! Over the past several months, a coalition of grassroots supporters from across the country (some of the same individuals who brought you the Revolution March on Washington DC, with over 15,000 participants, as well as some volunteers from the Rally for the Republic with over 20,000 in attendance), have joined forces with other talented supporters to produce what many of you have been blogging and posting about here for quite some time!

Where in the world is Ron Paul?!

Is Texas looking to change its delegate rules to help Santorum?

According to a spokesman at the Texas Republican Party, a member of the Texas GOP’s executive committee drafted an email to call an emergency meeting to revisit its delegate-allocation rules.

And make no mistake: This effort is coming from Santorum world.

Santorum, in fact, commented on this subject yesterday while campaigning in Pennsylvania.

“After Pennsylvania, the calendar in May looks very, very interesting -- a lot of strong conservative states who are looking for the opportunity to tighten this race back up. There's talk now of maybe making the state of Texas, 154 [sic] delegates, a winner-take-all state. We would like that. That would be a good thing.”
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Ben Swann on the Railroad Job in North Dakota

The Revolution is Alive and Well

-Jack Hunter
The movement Ron Paul has built is vast, growing and will continue to change American politics. While the media bombards us with Obama, Romney and Santorum, it is who Paul who has saturated the grassroots. These useless establishment candidates will one day be yesterday’s news, but Paul, his message and his movement will endure. Ron Paul spoke to thousands–5,000 in Chico, California, 6,000 in LA–this week, drawing crowds the other candidates could only dream of. There is something revolutionary going on at the grassroots level in the United States, whether the mainstream media notices it or not.

But in gauging this revolution, sometimes the best indicators are the smallest–bumper stickers, signs, flags, t-shirts–seen in public, randomly, and advertised proudly by Americans from all walks of life. Whether they advertise Ron Paul, the Constitution or other liberty-oriented messages, these small gestures, cumulatively, form the community we all belong to. And it is this community–especially the young people, the next generation–who will save this country from the frightening mess its in.

This lady gets it and is inspired by it:


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Ron Paul shatters previous record with 8,500

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul attracted a peculiar 8,500-plus voters to the third of three town hall meetings he held in California this week, this time at UC-Berkeley. In drawing such a huge crowd to Berkeley, the 12-term Congressman from Texas shattered his unrivaled town hall meeting attendance record.
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Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Ron Paul Has Won the Future
No rigged election can change that, Lew tells Russia Today.

My Top 10 Gripes With the Constitution
Not that it's operative anymore, says Doug Casey.

Hoppe or the 'Supreme Court'?
When it comes to your well-being, there's really no choice, says Scott Lazarowitz.

Jim Rogers: I Will Buy More Gold
Price weakness is what I'm waiting for, and the same goes for silver.

The Outlawing of Freedom Cars
It's coming, says Eric Peters.

How Real Are the Hunger Games?
Unless liberty wins, that is our future, says Mike Adams.

Rebellion Spreads
Has the EU power elite miscalculated?

Never Underestimate a Broke, Desperate Government
Cris Sheridan on the escalating war on your income and your cash.

There's No Way To Contain the Radiation
Mac Slavo on government lies, corporate cover-ups and the potential evacuation of 10 million people.

Panopticon Government
And the American police state. Article by Tom Engelhardt.

Thinking of Expatriating?
Move to a small country, says Simon Black. The smaller the better.

How To Build an All-Purpose Work Bench
A serious, hardcore one you can gloat about with the guys, says Ethan Hagan.


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