Monday, April 30, 2012

Ron Paul #1 'Conservative Congressman'

-Lew Rockwell
Of course, Ron is no conservative, but it is still nice to see him top this list. Some of the 10 are creeps, but unusual among congressmen, there are good guys, too. See, for example, Frederick C. Smith, long a hero of Ron's--and Murray Rothbard's.

The Costs of War

-Ron Paul
This month Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki announced the addition of some 1,900 mental health nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers to its existing workforce of 20,590 mental health staff in attempt to get a handle on the epidemic of suicides among combat veterans. Unfortunately, when presidents misuse our military on an unprecedented scale – and Congress lets them get away with it – the resulting stress causes military suicides to increase dramatically, both among active duty and retired service members. In fact, military deaths from suicide far outnumber combat deaths. According to an article in the Air Force Times this month, suicides among airmen are up 40 percent over last year.

Considering the multiple deployments service members are forced to endure as the war in Afghanistan stretches into its second decade, these figures are sadly unsurprising.
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Super Hot: Paul vs.Paul: Krugman to Interview Ron Paul today!

-Robert Wenzel
Paul Krugman will guest host two hours of BloombergTV from 3-5pm ET. He'll speak to Ron Paul at 4pm - don't miss Paul vs. Paul.


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Why “Real Texans” Should Vote for Ron Paul

-Jack Hunter

Writes Tom Mullen at The Washington Times:

In America, we the people have always chosen our leaders. We haven’t always chosen wisely, but we have made the decisions about who will govern and lived with the results. Now, both major parties are telling Texans that their votes won’t count.

Despite the fact that Mitt Romney does not have enough delegates bound to him to clinch the Republican nomination, the Republican Party and the media have proclaimed the nomination race over – before a single Texan has had a chance to vote. They are telling Texans that they may choose between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. They will be allowed no other choice. Would a real Texan stand for this?

From before its birth as a republic or a state within this union, Texas has been a place where people have gone to be free. As an isolated state in the Mexican republic, Texas provided a sanctuary for all who wished to live their lives without interference from a distant capital. When the Mexican government attempted to exert centralized, despotic power over your ancestors, they fought with Santa Anna and the federalists. When that general later repudiated liberty and betrayed the Texans, they stood against him and won their freedom again.

For Texas Republicans, every election must bring back the sting of Santa Anna’s betrayal. Republican politicians are elected specifically to cut the size and scope of government. They never do. The Democratic Party openly admits that it seeks to expand government at all levels. At least they are honest. The Republicans claim to oppose that agenda, but have grown government whenever they have been in power…

This election year is no different. Certainly, Barack Obama makes no promises to shrink the government…

It is the establishment Republican candidate that represents the potential for another betrayal. As usual, he says that he intends to cut federal spending and power, but he will not name one specific program that he will cut. Ron Paul already has.

Congressman Paul has stood alone for decades against the unchecked growth of government and is the only candidate committing to cut it. He has already published a budget that cuts $1 trillion from the federal budget during his first year as president. It eliminates five federal departments, not only saving money, but reestablishing the principle that the federal government has no business regulating education, housing, commerce, energy, or “the interior…”

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