Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Krugman Getting More Desperate

-Lew Rockwell
Now he is quoting neocon David Frum against Ron Paul. Like all warmongers, Frum can't stand Ron or the gold standard, since both are anti-empire. And his economic analysis is just silly. BTW, Krugman, whatever else is wrong with him, is no advocate of perpetual, anti-Muslim war.

Those Sneaky Paulians

-Lew Rockwell
They're following the GOP's rules, and therefore creating "mischief" by winning delegates, complains the Washington Times.
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CNBC gets Ron Paul Youtube Channel Deleted

Gone are hundreds of videos going back to 2007 when it was Ron Paul's official 2008 campaign account. 125K subscribers.

-Kurt Nimmo
Google property YouTube has closed down a popular Ron Paul channel after “multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement,” most notably establishment media tool CNBC.


More Evidence Krugman Knows He Lost the Debate Against Ron Paul

-Robert Wenzel
Now he is posting that face-to-face debates are useless and takes a cheap shot at the debate winner, Ron Paul.

Ron Paul’s “Revolution” Is Taking Over The GOP

-Independent Voter Network

What little commentary we’ve seen from the media on Ron Paul’s silent coup presently underway in the Republican Party has focused mostly on its implications for the 2012 Republican Primary and whether Paul can hold back Romney’s delegate count just long enough to ensure a brokered convention, which is the only feasible scenario in which Paul could emerge as the party’s nominee.

But perhaps more important and far-reaching in its implications for the future of national politics in the US, is not Ron Paul’s delegate count, but the fact that his supporters are successfully taking over the Republican Party district by district, county by county, state by state. That the fiercely independent Republican congressman from Texas might still have a tiny chance at winning his party’s nomination, while interesting, is less important than what he will most certainly have succeeded at doing: Ron Paul has built a political machine.

Judging by recent events in state and local GOP conventions across the country, it may not be at all presumptuous for Ron Paul’s supporters to call their burgeoning movement a revolution.
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Ron Paul's Strategy Vindicated

-Jack Hunter
Louisiana Win Edges Paul Closer to Getting Name in Nomination

Writes The Times-Picayune’s Jonathan Tilove:

Ron Paul’s sweeping victory in Saturday’s Republican Party caucuses in Louisiana was the latest in a series of guerilla caucus-state coups by the outsider campaign that may ultimately give him command of enough state delegations to place his name in nomination at the national convention in Tampa. The struggle to wrest control of the Louisiana delegation could also make the party’s June 2 state convention in Shreveport, at which the delegates to the national convention will be chosen, an interesting affair.

Saturday’s results, in which delegates backing the Texas congressman won all the spots in four of the state’s six new congressional districts, vindicated the campaign’s decision to largely forego the high-profile, low-stakes March 24 primary for the low-profile, higher-stakes caucuses. The Paul victory also confounded a state party that had devised a system for electing delegates to the 2012 convention so complicated it seemed designed to keep power in the hands of party insiders.

“Well, the cat is out of the bag,” Doug Wead, a senior adviser to the Paul campaign wrote on his blog after Saturday’s results were in. “Another state, another unseen victory for the Texas congressman. And, it should be noted, another embarrassment for the apparent nominee, former Governor Mitt Romney. Now, the question is this. How many other states have their own surprises coming?”

The Louisiana result comes amid strong showings by the Paul campaign in the sometimes still ongoing delegate selection processes in Iowa, Minnesota, Washington State, Alaska and even Mitt Romney’s home state of Massachusetts.

Under party rules, a candidate for president “shall demonstrate the support of a plurality of the delegates from each of five or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination.”

The Paul campaign would appear to be on the cusp of reaching that threshold.

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Rachel Maddow: Ron Paul Is Taking Over

Actually, Mitt Romney is secretly winning a lot FEWER delegates than you may think

-Daily Paul
It's not just about Romney losing the upcoming contests, its also about him losing the delegates he supposedly already has...

Ron Paul is SO Electable it's Ridiculous!

-Daily Paul

Ron Paul is winning a majority of delegates in many states, up to 10 or more states this month! But you won't hear that on Fox or CNN etc. Neither will they tell you that Ron Paul has been invigorating liberty supporters by the thousands at his massive rallies.

Join the Revolution! Spread the word! Now is the time for action if you care about the welfare of your country and its citizens.


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