Thursday, May 3, 2012

Paul: Central Bankers Are Intellectually Bankrupt

-Robert Wenzel
While Paul Krugman continues to cry over a major defeat against Ron Paul, Congressman Paul moves on. He has an important Op-Ed out today at FT:

Salon: RNC Worried About Ron Paul

-Lew Rockwell
Left-wing media, like right-wing media, are in general shills for the regime. Take, which is worried--like the RNC and Romney--about what it calls "The Ron Paul convention takeover plot." Oooh, scary. Will Ron "steal" the nomination or just "wreak havoc" in Tampa? Why, some of the Paul peons might even "relentlessly heckle" their betters rather than knuckle their forelocks. Can't have that. It might give other plebs ideas above their station. Keep the scam going, with the usual corporatist Democrat versus the usual corporatist Republican. That way the oligarchs can't lose.

Orders From the Republican Establishment

-Lew Rockwell
"RNC to Nevada GOP: Don't let Ron Paul delegates take over national convention slots or don't bother coming to Tampa."
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Maine GOP Head Warns Against Ron Paulians

-Lew Rockwell

Writes Paul Harrell:

I am a delegate to the Maine State Republican Convention this weekend, and a Ron Paul supporter. Today, I received this email from Charlie Webster, the head of the Maine Republican Party. It sounds like he is worried about his job.


Why Paul Appeals to Young Voters More Than Obama or Romney

-Jack Hunter

Some observations on how young voters are fed up with both parties and have moved away from many of Obama’s liberal policies. Young Americans are far more liberty-minded these days and neither party is fulfilling their political desires effectively. Writes John Zogby at Forbes:

Mitt Romney has spent months selling himself to the Republican base. Now, Barack Obama is working overtime trying to re-sell himself to his base of voters age 18-29.Team Obama knows that hard times and the growing libertarian leanings of young voters will make them a more difficult target than four years ago…

However, on some key issues, majorities of First Globals are not doctrinaire liberals. The poll found less than majorities agree with liberals on some of their most cherished beliefs. For example: 44% agree health insurance is a right government should provide for those who can’t afford it, 43% agree with the same statement about food and shelter, 37% agree government should spend more to reduce poverty, 20% agree government spending is an effective way to economic growth and 28% agree government should do more to curb climate change even at the expense of economic growth. (That last number has to hurt environmentalists.)

Lest Republicans get too giddy at those findings, they should also know less than majorities agree with these conservative and neo-con ideals: 22% agree it’s sometimes necessary to attack potentially hostile countries rather than waiting until we are attacked, 23% are willing to give up some personal freedoms for the sake of national security, 39% agree cutting taxes is an effective route to economic growth…

These attitudes betraying both the traditional left and right fall generally within the bounds of libertarianism. Live and let live. Individual responsibility is as important as collective responsibility. Avoid military interventions. Distrust both government and corporations. Protect civil liberties.

Young voters have been the energy behind Ron Paul…


The Peoples Candidate Ron Paul

Hidden In Plain View, Ron Paul Is WINNING!

Ron Paul’s Stealth State Convention Takeover

-Robert Wenzel
Yike's even WaPo is figuring out what is going on

Maine GOP Plans More Anti-Ron Paul Tricks

-Lew Rockwell
Sparks to fly.

Newt the Deadbeat

-Lew Rockwell
The neocon ex-candidate is sticking creditors and staff with $4 million in unpaid bills. Expect them never to be paid.
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Note, Gingrich is using his debt as a bargaining chip for Romney to get his endorsement.

Ron Paul Crushes Obama in Montana

-Daily Paul
Ron Paul beats Obama 49-41 in Montana. Among independents, he crushes 55-33.

Ron Paul Attracts 4,000-plus to Fullerton, CA

On Wednesday, thousands in California gathered to see Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul speak. The 12-term congressman from Texas had announced a few days prior that his campaign team would be returning to California for private fundraisers, media interviews, and town hall events.
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