Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Youth for Ron Paul 110,000 Strong

-Press Release
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign announced today that its ‘Youth for Ron Paul’ (YFP) program membership has surpassed the 110,000 mark.

Since the program launched in September 2011, and as of yesterday, the number of YFP members was 110,880. Members have established 627 sanctioned chapters in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.
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Ron Paul on Cavuto

Ron Paul on CNN

Romney Wins Popular Vote in North Carolina, But Ron Paul Will Win the Delegates

Instead of using the easily manipulated popular vote to determine the strength of a candidate in North Carolina, the media would offer a better indication of the strength of candidates by downplaying the less relevant popular vote and focusing on the North Carolina Republican convention.

On Tuesday, North Carolina held a Republican Party primary, and media sweetheart Mitt Romney won the popular vote handily with 66% of the vote. This might be significant if either the GOP nomination or the presidency were decided by popular vote totals. They aren't. They are instead decided by delegates and in the case of the GOP nomination especially, delegates are hard to predict. When a brokered convention takes place, as may happen this year, those delegates become even harder to predict.

Rasmussen: Obama 42% Paul 42%

-Jack Hunter

In 2004, Republicans railed against someone who was perceived as an out-of-touch Massachusetts elitist. Enough independents agreed with this sentiment to defeat John Kerry and re-elect a still unpopular George W. Bush. Already, Democrats are railing against the establishment GOP frontrunner as an out-of-touch Massachusetts elitist. Still, Republicans are simply banking on Obama’s unpopularity.

But like 2004, will this be enough for Republicans to win?

The latest Rasmussen poll shows Ron Paul tied with President Obama, with both men scoring 42% of the general electorate vote. But what does this mean? Simple: Paul represents something far and away different from both the Democratic and Republican establishments and the American people know it. Better yet, they like it.

But does the GOP get this? Like 2004, Americans are simply not satisfied with the two establishment candidates. What is it about Ron Paul that attracts people from across every imaginable ideological, religious, racial and political background? What is it about a message of individual freedom, peace and prosperity that continues to excite so many Americans?

This isn’t the first time Ron Paul has measured up well against the President in a poll. Instead of ignoring him, Republicans better start figuring out why only Ron Paul continues to generate the kind of excitement both parties just can’t seem to muster.


Reality Check: Phony Tea Party Candidates

What happens if Ron Paul actually wins?

-Steve Sebelius
Before we leave the subject, while the supporters of Texas Rep. Ron Paul bask in their victorious takeover of the Nevada Republican Party convention, let's ponder a question.

What if Paul wins?

Yes, it's an extreme longshot, but one Paul fans vigorously embrace. It would require supreme organizational skill, incredible lobbying and deft changes to the rules allocating delegate votes. But what if Paul fans descend on the Republican National Convention and replicate their Nevada success?

What if Ron Paul, not Mitt Romney, becomes the Republican nominee?
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Ron Paul's Federal Reserve Hearing

-Tom Woods
Watch the whole thing. Jeff Herbener of Grove City College, and Peter Klein of the University of Missouri -- both senior fellows of the Mises Institute -- are excellent.

Ron Paul on Larry Kudlow

Romney Investigating Ron Paul Delegates

-Ron Paul Forums
Romney Campaign Is Paying People To Gather Information About State Delegates

According to a MI RP campaign staffer, the campaign:

"...received word that Romney's campaign is paying people to gather information about the state delegates and identify the "troublemakers" (i.e., you and me) so be careful not to share your information or political affiliations with strangers."

Watch for this in other states as well. This is especially important if you are a delegate.
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Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Civilized People Should Buy Gold
When uncivilized people like the Nazis and other Keynesians are in charge, says Gary North.

There Is Still Capitalist Medical Care in America
G. Keith Smith, MD, talks to Lew about the wild success, and low prices, that result from kicking out the feds.

Did Obama Really Kill Osama?
Don't make Ralph Cinque laugh.

The Majority Is Always Wrong
Except by accident, says Al Lowi.

He Who Has the Gold, Rules
The actual physical metal, that is. Article by Peter Schiff.

Is This the End of 'One Europe'?
Pat Buchanan on antagonism, left and right, against Brussels and banksterism.

Leftist Race-Baiters
Walter Williams on Chris Matthews and the gang.

The Great Myth of the Welfare State
Its defenders are getting more totalitarian as the myth disintegrates, says Jack Douglas.

Do You Want To Trigger a Zombie Revolution?
Then stick to phony austerity, says Bill Bonner.

Firearms Freedom
State by state, across the nation, the opposition is being out-gunned.

New Frontiers in the Police State
Criminalizing school children.

Don't Be Put Off by the Long, Latin Names
Homeopathic remedies are cheap and effective, and have no bad side effects, says Margaret Durst.


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