Thursday, February 7, 2013

More News


Pentagon leaders endorse Clinton-Petraeus plan to arm Syrian rebels

Lindsey Graham Defends Obama on Assassinating Americans

Unprecedented Demand: Americans Purchase a Gun Every 1.5 Seconds

DHS Purchases 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammunition

Ben Swann: Should Federal Ban On Hemp Production Be lifted?

Biden Admits Gun Control Will Not Stop Mass Shootings Or Save Lives

Capitalism = Rock, Paper, Scissors

7M will lose their job-based health insurance because of Obamacare

Asia Surge: US Marines Heading to Vietnam, Cambodia

US Announces Yet More Sanctions in ‘Economic War’ Against Iran

Ahmadinejad: Iran Won’t Attack Israel

Florida announces daytime driver license, vehicle inspection checkpoints (RPF)

Canada eliminates the penny

Boehner Backs Obama on Assassinating Americans (EPJ)

Virginia moves closer to creating state’s own currency

Bruce Willis: Don't infringe on Second Amendment

Danny Glover an idiot on the Second Amendment

USPS to Cut Saturday Mail (EPJ)

Anonymous hacks Federal Reserve

Congress considers putting limits on drone strikes

2nd-grader suspended over imaginary grenade

Cops arrest 10-year-old for bringing toy gun to school



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