Friday, April 26, 2013

Ron Paul Statement on Internet Tax Mandate

Calling something the Marketplace Fairness Act doesn’t make it fair any more than the Affordable Care Act makes health care affordable or the Patriot Act makes us more patriotic. This legislation would undermine the original intent of the Commerce Clause and is yet another example of big government coming together with big business to crowd out the little guy. This would enrich the pockets of big corporations at the expense of taxpayers, consumers, and small business owners.

Despite what this bill’s proponents suggest, the Constitution is not outdated. The true meaning of the Commerce Clause remains as relevant to the information age as it was to the revolutionary age — the federal government should encourage free commerce between the states while not allowing tax-hungry governors to force businesses in other states to act as their tax collectors. It is not the Constitution that needs updating but the politicians who think the solution to the fiscal problems facing government at both the national and state levels is more taxes and regulations.

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