Monday, August 26, 2013

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

US Set To Launch Iraq, the Sequel
Against Syria. Article by Daniel McAdams.

Economic WMD
Unleashed on us by the enemy in DC. Article by David Gordon.

Murder in Pakistan
Did Musharraf kill Benazir Bhutto?
 Article by Eric Margolis.

Chemical Weapons False Flag

The US plan to stage an attack on Syria was exposed in January, says Anthony Gucciardi.

Avoid Cops
They’re lawless, opportunistic predators, says Eric Peters.

The Fascist Alliance
Among the state, the greens, and the big natural-gas users. Article by Walter Williams.

The Fed’s Final Game?
Could be, says Mike Oliver.

Support Libertarianism
Get droned, says Justin Quinn.

Fukushima War Crimes

Christopher Busby on invisible genetic poisoning.

Cover Your Ears, Shooters!
Kristin Alberts’s guide to buying electronic earmuffs.

Who’s Burning Up the West?
The feds and the greens lit the fuse for these catastrophic fires, says William Jasper.

It’s an Anti-Depresssant, Too
Marijuana. Article by Victoria Woolaston.

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