Friday, August 30, 2013

More News


Growing Congressional Demands for Vote on Syria War

UN Orders Inspectors to Leave Syria Ahead of US Attack

US Finally Admits What Ron Paul Said: "Nobody Knows Who Set Off The Gas"

Leaked documents reveal US sees Israel as a major spying threat

Parliament Revolts, Brits to Stay Out of Syria (RPF)

Fast-food workers across US strike for fewer jobs

George Galloway Heated Speech in British Parliament

Antiwar Left Stays Quiet On Syria (RPF)

Obama's Announces Two New Executive Actions on Gun

Harvard Study: Gun Control Does Not Lead to Less Violent Crime

Point of No Return: US Says Nothing Can Stop Them Attacking Syria

US Ready to ‘Go It Alone’ as Partners Drop Out of Syria War

France changes tone, seeks 'political solution'

UK Cameron backs down on urgent Syria strikes amid growing revolt



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