Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Repudiate the National Debt
Nothing else makes economic nor moral sense, says Murray Rothbard.

Is Closing a War Memorial ‘Despicable’?
Or is it worshipping the bloody state and its killing expeditions? Article by Jim Fedako.

Where’s the outrage, Brian Wilson wants to know.

Did the Chinese Discover America?
Of course, says Gavin Menzies, in 1421.

A Lightning Bolt Inside a 2 Foot Box

Arc fault failures melt metal and fry circuitry at the NSA’s gargantuan spy palace.

Terrorism Dressed in Noble Clothes
US cowboy democracy means war, occupation, and stealing natural resources, says Sergei Vasilenkov.

Mandates at Gunpoint

Eric Peters on the insurance mafia.

12 Ominous Warnings About a US Debt Default

Get your money out of the banks, says Michael Snyder.

I Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists

5 reasons why I will not comply with government’s insurance rip-off. Article by Daisy Luther.

A $2800 Minimum Wage?

Have even the Swiss gone crazy?

The Songs Our Parents Gave Us
They shape our taste through life.

Good Fat Is Good For You

Don’t buy into the myths propagated by big medicine, media, and the government, says Margaret Durst.


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