Thursday, June 12, 2014

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As al-Qaeda Expands, Baghdad Is in the Crosshairs

US Plans Emergency Arms Shipments to Iraq

Iraq Asking for US Air Strikes Against al-Qaeda

Iraqi Govt Shocked, Angry as Military Routed by al-Qaeda

Not What the US Planned: Al-Qaeda Tears Down Syria-Iraq Border

Ukraine Health Ministry: 270 Dead in Eastern Offensive

Rep. Cantor’s Defeat a Blow to Runaway Military Spending

Hagel Regrets Not Informing Congress Over Bergdahl Swap

Ukraine-Russia Gas Talks End With Stalemate on Pricing Dispute

US Resumes Drone Strikes Against Pakistan

Yesterday Mosul, Today Tikrit: al-Qaeda Seizing Much of Northern Iraq

Al-Qaeda Seizes Iraq’s Mosul, Moves on Kirkuk

House GOP Leader Defeated by Anti-NSA Challenger

Five US Troops Killed in US Air Strike in South Afghanistan

Al-Qaeda Seizes Northern Iraqi Oil Capital of Mosul


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