Monday, August 18, 2014

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Ferguson Police Fire Gas, Rubber Bullets at Protesters; Several Shot

Ferguson Curfew Fuels New Round of Violence

Escalation: Obama Broadens War Goals

Ukraine Forces Raise Flag Over Luhansk, But Fighting Continues

Kurds Seize Contested Mosul Dam Once Again, Ousting ISIS

Pakistan Protest Leaders Give PM 48 Hours to Resign

Syrian Warplanes Pound ISIS in Raqqa, Killing 31 Fighters

Rouhani: Iran Won’t Accept Restraints Beyond Existing IAEA Rules

Palestinian Factions Divided of Cairo Plan for Gaza

Netanyahu Threatens ‘Massive Response’ if Gaza Ceasefire Expires

Rebels Shoot Down Ukraine MiG Fighter Jet Near Luhansk

Pakistan PM Faces Murder Charges Over June Crackdown

As US Escalates in Northern Iraq, Baghdad Feels Left Out

Cairo Deal or No, Gaza Truce Is Coming

Red Cross: Aid Convoy Stalled on Russia-Ukraine Border


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