Tuesday, August 19, 2014

News from Antiwar.com

No Curfew, But Police Escalate Ferguson Crackdown

ISIS Claims Dozens of Kurds Killed in Latest Fighting

ISIS Threatens Retaliation Against Americans as US Airstrikes Grow

Reports: ISIS Kills 900 Syrian Tribesmen in Crackdown on Revolt

Blaming Sunni Neighbors for Killings, Yazidis Look to Leave Iraq for Good

Israel, US Push Hague Court Not to Probe Gaza War Crimes

Islamist vs. Jihadist: Complications Grow in Libya’s Benghazi

Lebanon Seeks to Obtain US Warplanes for ISIS War

Pakistan’s Third Largest Party to Quit Parliament in Bid to Oust PM

‘Renegade’ Libya General Conducts Airstrikes on Tripoli

Gaza Ceasefire Extended 24 Hours: Israeli Cabinet Opposes Truce Terms

US Airstrikes Continue as Iraq Claims ‘Most’ of Mosul Dam

Ukraine, Rebels Trade Blame After Shelling Kills Dozens of Refugees


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