Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More News


Paul Krugman is Right: Outside of the Following Few Things There is No Price Inflation

Video: Vote For Republican Automatically Registers For Democrat

Obama Forces Insurance Industry to Withhold 2015 Prices Until After Election

GOP Senate Takeover Would Put Fed Under Microscope?

Marijuana profits up in smoke under IRS rules

Cop Who Brutally Tortured Innocent People into Confessing, Gets to Keep Retirement

About Half of American Millennials View Socialism Favorably

Is Kiev Preparing Another Attack?

Wisconsin cops shoot tiny dog in the back (RPF)

Carroll Quigley on Voting

The Beginning of the Breakup of the EU?

No-Fly Zone Over Ferguson was Aimed at Media

States ditch electronic voting machines

Cop Breaks 90 lb 15-year-old Girl’s Arm in School Over Talking on a Cellphone

Obamacare Repeal Fades as Rallying Cry for Republicans

Average Monthly Premium Costs Before and After the Affordable Care Act

Ray McGovern arrested, roughed up by NYC cops



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