Friday, June 12, 2015

More News


Hillary Relaunch to Have 'Airport Style Security' (No-Fly Zone)

Couple Arrested After Their 11-year-old Found Playing Basketball In Backyard

House clears first trade bill, setting stage for Friday showdown

RIP: Reagan’s Astrologer

Hack Into Federal Systems Far Deeper Than Publicly Acknowledged (Every federal employee?)

Nevada GOP: Stupid Traitors, Cowards, and Liars

NFL Player Moonlights As An Uber Driver

Greenwald: Major Questions Remain Unanswered in Boston Killing of Alleged ISIS Beheading Plotter

Dashcam Refutes Cops’ Claims of Fearing for their Safety when they Attacked Innocent BLIND Man

Police Steal $16,000 from Farmer to Finance a Larger Operation to Rob More People

Hundreds of Women & Children Forced into Sex by United Nations “Peacekeepers”

Paul Ryan: You'll read Obamatrade after we pass it



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