Friday, July 17, 2015

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VIDEO: Cop Body Slams 100lb Handcuffed Teen Face First

MSNBC: We Have to Break Through The Idea ‘That Kids Belong to Their Parents’

Another Mass Shooting in a Gun-Free Zone

2016 campaign tech monitoring what you do online -- instantaneously

The First Time the CIA Overthrew a Government

Police Dept Caught Giving Preference to Job Candidates who Said they Wouldn’t Arrest Fellow Cops

Federal Reserve ignores Congressional subpoena

VIDEO: Cops Murder Unarmed Man After Mistaking Him for a Thief, Kept Video Secret – Until Now

Planned Parenthood caught selling organs and other parts (Akers)(MSM Tries to Suppress)(WaTi)

Texas secessionists kick off statewide speaking tour to campaign for a break from the Union

VIDEO: Cops Illegally Break into Innocent Woman’s Home While She’s Naked, Assault and Arrest Her

Jade Helm Begins Today

Murder rates drop as concealed carry permits soar

Another Hate Crime Going Unnoticed



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