Wednesday, August 19, 2015

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The 8 Trillion Black Swan: Is China's Shadow Banking System About To Collapse? (Stocks Crash 10% In 2 Days)(23 Stock Market Crashes Around The World)(Only The Date Is Unknown for US)

Yelp adds TSA reviews and responses

AT&T’s ‘Partnership’ With NSA Raises Huge New Privacy Fears

Fed official: No evidence QE boosted economy

Woman Fined $25,000 By City For Renting Her Home Through AirBnB (reddit)

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Pay Interns, Wants Companies to Pay Interns

The Goldman Sachs Empire

Officials Admit ISIS, Like Al-Qaeda, Was A Creation Of US Foreign Policy

Playboy Playmate Denied Gun Permit by NYPD Because of “Sexy Pics on the Internet”

Coach Potato is the West’s Lead MH17 Propagandist

Pentagon to Increase Drone Flights by 50 Percent

California To Seize 300 Farms



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