Thursday, August 27, 2015

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Black, Gay Reporter Murders Straight, White Journalists — Media Blame the Gun (reddit)

Small Army Raids a Man’s Home Over an Expired Medical Marijuana Card

NY Times: Why Isn’t Obama Backing Al-Qaeda in Syria?

Dow Follows Biggest Crash Since Lehman With Third Biggest One Day Surge Ever As China Dumps Treasurys

Swords into Plowshares now available in hardback

YAL and SFL Join Forces?

Weaponizing Migrants

North Dakota First State to Legalize Armed Drones for Cops

Devaluation Stunner: China Has Dumped $100 Billion In Treasurys In The Past Two Weeks

Denver Police Arrest "Jury Nullification" Activist For Passing Out Informational Pamphlets

Multiple Former NSA Officials Team Up to Expose Unethical Behavior of FBI, NSA And DOJ

Media Silent as US Ally Saudi Arabia Beheads Twice as Many People as ISIS

VIDEO: Cops Fire 50+ Times into Unarmed Mentally Ill Man



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