Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Innocent Bystanders Could Face Criminal Charges for Not Jumping in to Help Officer Make Arrest

Video Shows Cops Kill Surrendering Man with His Hands in the Air

Cop Who Killed 6 People Now Trains Cops By Shocking them When they Hesitate to Shoot

Sexual Assault by the TSA is OK, Except in the Airport Bathroom

CIA CEO: Carly Fiorina

Study: 60,000 West Bank Settlers Are Americans

DC Court Overturns Ruling Declaring NSA Bulk Surveillance Illegal

Financial Times Calls For Abolishing Cash (EPJ)

Why Aren’t Shootings Sparking Debate Over Psych Drugs?

Lies You Will Hear As The Economic Collapse Progresses

Cops Shut Down Jerry Seinfeld's Son's Lemonade Stand

Judge blocks Obama EPA rule as federal power grab over state waters

It's Official: China Confirms It Has Begun Liquidating Treasuries ($1 Trillion QE In Reverse)

Hillary Clinton vows to be gun-control president



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