Monday, September 14, 2015

More News


No Justice for Indian Grandfather Left Paralyzed by Alabama Cop — Mistrial Declared

Cops Shot an Innocent Man Because they Feared for their Lives as he Filmed Them

A Refugee Crisis Made In America (10,000 Syrians Headed For US)

Lord Of The Flies: Dystopia Is Arriving

New UK Labour leader a "communist who professes an admiration for Karl Marx"

Australian PM Overthrown By Former Goldman Partner

Robots "to take 35% of all jobs" in next 20 years

Obamacare enrollees 'need to double' in next year for program to stay solvent

Federal Taxes Set Record Through August; $19,346 Per Worker

The Wall Goes Up: Germany Stops ALL Trains from Austria; Border Controls Reintrodouced

US, Israel Quietly Holding Talks on Post-Iran Deal Payoff

Saudi Airstrikes Taking Heavy Toll on Yemeni Civilians

Merkel Tells Cameron to Support EU Army

Evil Rahm Emanuel May Impose $1 Tax on Uber Rides



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