Saturday, October 17, 2015

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RIP Irwin Schiff (Rockwell)

Germany’s Migrant Invasion Will Lead To ‘Massive Tax Increases’

Swann: Non-Violent Drug Offenders Incarceration Rate Is Shameful

Leak: 90% of People Killed in U.S. Drone Strikes are Innocent Civilians (reddit)

Snowden: NSA, GCHQ Using Your Phone to Spy on Others (and You)

ISIS In ‘Retreat’ As Russia Destroys 32 Targets While Putin Trolls Obama As ‘Weak With No Strategy’

Fox News’ Favorite CIA Source A Fraud

Sex partner must say ‘yes’ every 10 minutes or it’s rape, 10th graders taught in California (reddit)

PSA: CNN is owned by Time Warner, one of Hillary's biggest supporters

US Tank Smashes Its Way Into Bombed Hospital, Destroying Evidence

Salerno: Trump’s Remarks on the Bubble and the Fed Are on the Money

Pentagon Knew Bombed Afghan Site Was a Hospital

Obama Announces Halt to Afghanistan Withdrawal



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