Monday, November 16, 2015

More News


Wikileaks releases audiotapes allegedly showing fraud in Obama and Bush administrations

Citing Paris Attack, CIA Director Criticizes Surveillance Reform Efforts

Bernie Sanders 'Reveals' The Real Cause Of Terrorism... Climate Change

Flashback: ISIS claims thousands of jihadis smuggled in as refugees

Don't Worry the US is Far Ahead of the Terrorists in France

The 5000-Year-Old Archive of Free Traders

Babies and Toddlers of Returning Vets Abused More

Cop Who’s Being Sued for Assaulting a Woman, Caught on Video Assaulting Same Woman AGAIN

Poland says cannot accept migrants under EU quotas after Paris attacks

Americans are buying tons of gold

An Unarmed and Therefore Defenseless Population

Assad Condemns "Savage" Paris Attacks, Blames French Foreign Policy

Bill Maher Agrees With Ron Paul



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