Saturday, December 5, 2015

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Cop Found Guilty Of Using Police Database To Stalk, Kill & Eat Women Set Free by Judge

White House Mulls Making Women Eligible for Military Draft

US Downplays Turkish Acquisition of ISIS Oil

German Intelligence Warns: Saudi Arabia Has "Destabilizing Role" In The Middle East

Chilling UK Government ‘Advice’ Asks Parents to Spy on Their Children

Bernie Sanders Is Right: The US Is Already a Socialist Country

German Parliament Approves ISIS War in Syria

Auto Loan Madness Continues As US Car Buyers Take On Record Debt, Lunatic Financing Terms

Fact Check: 355 Mass Shootings So Far in 2015?

Gun Violence Declining, Except in Gun-Free Zones

US Ally Saudi Arabia Set To Execute 52 Prisoners (Including Juveniles) En Masse

How the Wacko Left Reacted Before Details Emerged About Who the Shooters Were in the San Bernadino Massacre



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