Friday, May 30, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

The World Elite Meet
To plan your life, at Bilderberg.

The Real Truth, A-Z
For those ready to give up the regime’s comforting lies. Article by Kirkpatrick Sale.

LRC’s Bestselling Books for May
How many do you have in your library?

The Commercial Case for Organic Food
Gary North on another reason to eat right.

Shall We Abandon the Non-Aggression Principle?
For a mess of egalitarian pottage? Article by Laurence Vance.

Welcome to the Neighborhood
Allan Davis on the homeowners association from Hell.

Clothes Make the Man
And so does a hoodie, says Victor Ward.

The Terrible Price We’ll Pay
Why we should listen to Jim Rogers.

You Swim, They Phish
Tom Englehardt on the last commencement address.

Did a Scotsman Discover America in 1399?
What my daughter was taught in school changed my life, says David Brody.

10 Records Nobody Wants To Break
Evel Knievel’s, for example.

Sleepytime Foods
5 good things for happy zzzz’s.