Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Are You Talking to a Agent Provocateur?
David Hathaway on how to tell.

Another God That Failed
Pat Buchanan on democracy.

The Illegal Marijuana Market
Goes to pot, says Gary North.

Another Totalitarian Reaganite
Or is that a tautology? Article by Will Grigg.

No US Citizen Is Safe Throughout the World
Felicity Arbuthnot on the results of the USG’s rampant, indiscriminate terrorism.

The Cycle of the State
Dan Sanchez on Higgs, Hoppe, and hope.

How Gold Helped Iran Beat the US
Addison Wiggin on the financial war of 2012-13.

Oil Changes and Monetary Policy
Eric Peters on epic government fraud.

Will You Be on the List?
Glenn Greenwald to publish names of US dissidents, critics, activists being spied on.

Highway Robbery Around the World

‘Men in Black’ Not Just a Movie?
10 creepy stories.

Is ADHD Over-Diagnosed and Over-Medicated?
Edward Group on 20 health conditions that can mimic it.