Monday, June 30, 2014

Blimp flies over NSA center in aerial protest

-Becky Akers
In what may be the cleverest protest yet against the NSA’s criminality, the patriots at the Tenth Amendment Center joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Greenpeace in flying a blimp over the agency’s “Collect-it-all” monolith in Bluffdale, UT. The blimp’s sign read, “NSA, illegal spying below.”

Imagine “working” for the NSA and spying, so to speak, that rebuke overhead as you stride to your eavesdropping post of a morning. Talk about demoralization!

Shaming, isolating, and shunning government’s leeches worked for the American colonists; they dealt so severely with friends and family assisting the British Empire’s tyranny that few Americans dared do so. The Crown had to import from England those “swarms of officers” that the Declaration denounced. The same tactics still work. Are you friends with a bureaucrat or cop? Why? Are your children or siblings contemplating positions with Leviathan? Let them know you take such attacks on freedom personally and that as enemies of all mankind, they can no longer expect a welcome in your home. Don’t be shy about telling the rest of the family your reasons for excluding the miscreant, either.

-Scott Lazarowitz
Becky, I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment and advice. Everyone should take it personally. The entire federal government is a police state, and the police state is a threat. When someone becomes an agent of the State, and the federal Leviathan monster in particular, one is joining up with an invading and occupying quasi-foreign Regime, making up new rules and diktats as it goes along.

Shaming and shunning is the appropriate treatment for traitors, which frankly is what they are, given the modern transformation of the Regime into the criminal racket that it is.