Friday, June 6, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Walter Block Influenced by Left-Wing Jesuits
On welfare and the minimum wage.

Thank the Troops for Their Service?
Laurence Vance on a rotten idea.

Kids, War, and Banksters
Ron Paul on what you can do.

Our Fearless Leader
He turns out to be Alfred E. Newman, says Brian Wilson.

Whatever Became of Morality?

It was destroyed by the murderous warfare state, says Paul Craig Roberts.

China Is in the Driver’s Seat
Peter Schiff on the platinum supply shock.

Witch’s Brew
Dan Sanchez on war propaganda, politics, and race.

Failing Businesses Can Go Broke
Too bad governments can’t. Article by Thomas Sowell.

The Wake and Chill Drink
Pot-infused coffee hits the market.

Yes, You Can Recharge Alkaline Batteries
Gaye Levy on how to have freebies for the long term.

Don’t Be Powerless
Lisa Bedford on unplugging from dependency.

A Shotgun Can Save Your Life
Load yours with double-ought buckshot, but make sure you train carefully, says Jim Grant.