Friday, June 13, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Orwell’s Oceania in ‘1984’
Is that the US in 2014? Article by Allen Mendenhall.

Should Innocent Americans Be Disarmed
Because of pharma-addled criminals? Article by Scott Lazarowitz.

Heroic Smugglers

The free traders who made America. Article by Mark Thornton.

Ignorant of Economics?
Christians shouldn’t be, says Shawn Ritenour.

The US Air Force Almost Nuked North Carolina
When a B-52 dropped 2 hydrogen bombs.

Saving Money Can Be a Problem
When you’re a businessman in financial trouble, says Robert Ringer.

How Cops Steal Millions
From the politically powerless.

A Forgotten Plane Crash, a Big Discovery, a Hollywood Icon
And 7 other Friday the 13th events.

The Myth of Mental Illness
We’re responsible for our actions, as Thomas Szasz showed, says Ciaran Ryan.

How To Remove a Tick
Get rid of the dangerous little bugger safely and carefully. Illustrated guide by Ted Slampyak.

Can You Starve Cancer?
Elizabeth Renter on 12 foods that perhaps can inhibit it.

What’s in Your Rainy Day Fund?

How to build your cash stash and be ready for emergencies. Article by Daisy Luther.