Monday, June 30, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

WWI Revisionism
Ralph Raico on the epic disaster of the West, and who was really responsible.

Time To Expatriate?
Examine Bolivia, says David Hathaway.

Does Science Need Women?
Sure, in the same sense it needs pole-vaulters, says Theodore Dalrymple.

The 1st World War on Honest Money
And civilization itself. Article by David Stockman.

Just How Rotten Is Public Education?
Through and through. But Ron Paul has some ideas.

All Hail the Bootlegger
Will Grigg on the exemplar of the American spirit.

The US Restarts Its Cold War
With a vengeance. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

College-Cost Denial
Based on smoke, mirrors, and lies to keep students piling up debt.

It’s Götterdämmerung
For the US empire, says Jack Douglas.

DIY Natural Teeth Whitening
7 ways to get a brighter smile, without nasty chemicals. Article by Elizabeth Renter.

A Budget Ruger?
Max Slowick on the new full-size 9mm for self-defense or just plain fun.

Alkalyze Your Way to Health and Well-Being
The best and worst foods for your body’s pH.