Monday, June 9, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Takedown of a Left-Wing Cardinal
Tom Woods explains libertarianism to a high Church official.

Menace of the Herd
Fred Reed on the Bowe Berghdal haters.

The Principle of Private Property
Butler Shaffer on what builds civilization.

El Supremo’s Lies of Peace
Versus his crimes of war. Article by Ron Paul.

Don’t Agonize Over Inequality
Robert Wenzel on a non-problem.

To the two places that matter.

Stripped and Left Naked for 7 Hours
An Indiana woman in the hands of the police state.

Mortgaging Our Economic Future
With Algorean climate lies. Article by Dr. Tim Ball.

The Product That Sells Itself to Millions
End marijuana prohibition, says Paul Armenano. Interview by Anthony Wile.

Mass Murderers Hold Conference
To discuss the tools of their trade. Article by David Swanson.

He Did It His Way
10 great Frank Sinatra stories.

9 Secrets
To cooking and peeling the perfect hard-boiled egg. Article by Dr. Joe Mercola.