Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Dastards Run the Government
Andrew Napolitano on their repellent political philosophy.

School Violence Explained
It has nothing to do with guns (except the State’s). Article by Mike Rozeff.

Is There a FEMA Camp Near You?
See what accomodations are available in your state.

The Empire’s Paranoid Power Lust
It threatens us all, says Jack Douglas.

House of Cards
The future of the Fed’s accomplice in Keynesian crime, the European Central Bank.

How To Clean a Revolver
To increase its lifespan, and ensure safe operation, says Jordan Crowder.

7 Iconic Movie Houses
How many of these modernist marvels have you seen?

Defend Your Home, Save Your Family
With the right handgun and training, says Jim Grant.

Stagecoach Mary, Bloody Rockwell
And 8 other crazy characters from the wild, wild West.

For Non-Fed Stimulus
Try these 6 exercises and eat some dark chocolate, says Edward Group.

Cop Shoots Teenage Couple
They were “messing around” in a car.

Great News About a Major Cause of Cancer
It’s fixable without drugs or surgery, says Dr. Joe Mercola.