Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Monetary Sovereignty?
Don’t be a useful idiot for the Fed, says Gary North.

Libertarians Are Right About Drugs
Laurence Vance smacks down Bush’s libertarian-hating drug capo.

Is Putin Trying To Save the World From War?
If so, shouldn’t we help him? Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

One Scary Movie
Bill Sardi on Dinesh D’Souza’s AMERICA

Another Housing Bust Ahead?
The Fed has guaranteed it. Article by Dan Sanchez.

The Presidency Is Murder, Inc.
As the drone memo shows.

How government can take control of your smartphone.

Meet the Man Who Killed Pluto
Somebody had to do it, says Dr. Mike Brown.

Street Smarts
6 urban survival skills. Article by Gaye Levy.

10 Civilizations
That might have beaten Columbus to America.

An Aspirin a Day?
No way, says Paul Fassa.

Hitler in Argentina
Did he escape from Berlin?