Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Reparations for Slavery?
Sure, to any living slaves from any living slave owners, says Walter Williams.

The Bigotry of Anti-Bigotry
Don’t nag or BOP people with different cultural views, says Dan Sanchez.

Road Pirates and Prohibition Profiteers
Will Grigg on the drug war.

USG, Keep Your Bloody Mitts Off Iraq
You’ve done quite enough damage, says Ron Paul.

The Thought Controllers
Robert Wenzel on leftist bellyachers.

Another Standing Army That Oppresses Us
John Whitehead on the DHS.

The Strangeness of Age
Taki on love, sex, and airplane crashes.

The Secret State
Government surveillance, drone bases, hidden gulags.

Toxic Levels of Mercury Confirmed in Flu Vaccines
Keep saying NO to them, says Dr. David Brownstein.

Check All Your Bank Accounts, Deposit Boxes Now
Predatory governments shorten timeframes to loot your property for “dormancy.”

Top 10 Inventions From the Middle Ages
Great commercial items we can be thankful for today.

15 of the Healthiest Foods
Do you have them in your kitchen? Article by Dr. Joe Mercola.