Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

The State, the Military, and War Propaganda
Tom Woods talks to Lew Rockwell about his new book.

War Is Good for the Economy
Or so says the chief Kochonomist. Article by Gary North.

Is Left-Libertarianism Just Statism?
Laurence Vance on the egalitarian argument for a government-guaranteed income.

This Is Why You Need ‘Against the State’
Chris Rossini on the military-industrial complex.

Book Recommendations for the Pope
If he is going to talk about economics.

Caveat Emptor
We may face a 2007-like meltdown in housing, warns Peter Schiff. Interview with Chris Waltzek.

The Fed Has Plans for Your Bond Fund
It will be a horror show, says David Stockman.

3 Arrows to the Heart
Andy Sirkis on making the Japanese economy even worse.

The 4th Turning
It’s accelerating, says Jim Quinn.

Teach Children To Be Sitting Ducks?
Cowering under a public school “bullet-proof blanket” is a grotesque idea.

Massive Double Tornado Rips Through Nebraska
Storm chasers and residents capture the awesome power and destruction.

Do You Want To See Better?
Try these 4 natural ways to enhance your vision. Article by Anthony Gucciardi.