Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Have White People Had It?
Fred Reed tosses a dead cat into the temple of IQ.

The Koch Brothers’ Favorite Economist
He’s gone over to War Keynesianism, says Gary North.

Anarcho-Capitalism in One Lesson

Josh Snyder on Lew Rockwell’s Against the State.

The Interventionist Spiral to Totalitarianism
There was a society that once swallowed a horse. Article by Dan Sanchez.

Germany Surrenders Its Gold to the Fed
Will no longer buck the empire.

To Hide the Brutality of US Imperialism
David Swanson on why the drone–kill memo was kept secret.

21st Century Snake Oil
Jeff Scribner on Algorism.

10 Tribes

That are the last of their kind.

“I Don’t Care How Many Times They Arrest Me, I’m Not Going Away”
Man uses drone to record cops violating peoples’ rights.

It Takes Fat To Lose Fat
6 steps to a flatter belly.

A Fight Club in Your Garage?
Get in the ring, get in shape, and learn something about yourself guys, says Tom Chilcote.

You Don’t Have to Lose These With Age
Margaret Durst on how to keep your memory and mental clarity.