Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

The Truth About WWII
And Normandy. Article by Eric Margolis.

What You Need To Be Doing Today
To head off Alzheimer’s tomorrow
. Article by Bill Sardi.

‘The Future is Too Good To Waste on Lies’
Will Grigg on Bowe Bergdahl’s moral odyssey.

Stop Snowing Us

Peter Schiff on Fed lies about the economy.

US Perfidy
Jack Douglas on Ukraine and WW IV.

The Trouble With Bowe
Like Pat Tillman, Bergdahl came to oppose the war on Afghanistan. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

The UN Demonized CO2
With lies. Article by Dr. Tim Ball.

Criminalizing Common Sense

Parental rights are under attack from the police state.

10 Great Popular Science Books
Intellectually stimulating yet still entertaining.

8 Career-Wreckers

Don’t make these mistakes.

Big Publishing’s Losing War on Amazon

More people are buying more books and more authors are making a living, without the dinosaurs.

From 5% Gluten to 50%

Paul Fassa on how wheat became so toxic.