Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

Saddam Hussein Was Right
US aggression against Iraq has led to the “mother of all battles.” Article by Eric Margolis.

Conservative Warns Readers About Self-Ownership
Tom Woods sets him straight.

A Total Rout of the Neocons
They refused to listen to Ron Paul, Article by Gary North.

Bagman for the Crony-Military Complex
Good riddance to Eric Cantor, says David Stockman.

Depraved, Destructive, Demonic
Ron Paul on the USG’s Iraq catastrophe

The Horrible Laugh of the Doomed
Make sure you’re not joining in. Article by the Mogambo Guru.

Lies, Man
Peter Schiff smacks down a CNBC Keynesian.

Populist Resurgence
Against regional and global government. Article by Pat Buchanan.

Why OJ’s Saga Lives
And Trayvon’s died. Article by Jack Cashill.

10 Lucrative Products
That sold for almost nothing.

The Proof Is in the Early Maps

Seafarers made trips to ancient America as far back as the Roman Empire, says Dr. Gunnar Thompson.

Radiation and Poison Gas
Thomas Corriher on the many health dangers of government-mandated, crony-made, algorean lightbulbs.