Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

The 1st ‘Great War’ of the Blood-Soaked 20th Century
Eric Margolis on Japan vs. Russia.

War Crimes of US Generals
Against the Indians and the Southerners. Article by Jim Bovard.

Don’t Impeach Obama
Gary North on why it’s a very bad idea.

A Blockbuster Month
LRC’s best-selling books.

Prohibition Is Plunder
Will Grigg on the respectable racketeers of today.

An Official Conspiracy Against the Truth
Paul Huebl on the police-media fraud.

Own a Recent Car?
You must know these 5 things, says Eric Peters.

Why the US State Spies on Americans
For the same reason the Roman state spied on the Romans.

11 Local, Historic Soft Drinks
How many have you tried?

The Most Brutal Home Invasion Ever?
Cops throw grenade on 19-month-old baby. Article by Daisy Luther.

The Petraeus Takedown
James Huang on an inside job.

Columbus Discovered America

And other lies my government told me. Article by Rick Osmon.