Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Eidtion

Another Rotten US War on Iraq?
Andrew Napolitano on folly and evil.

For Everyone Who Wants To Live in Freedom
David Gordon on Against the State, by Lew Rockwell.

Bowe Knows
He shouted that the emperor has no clothes.

The Stench of Crony Corruption
David Stockman on GM.

The Happy Warrior
Gen. Curtis LeMay loved committing mass murder.

American Households Are Going Down
Marc Faber on cruel and destructive Fed tactics.

Democrats Push To Bomb Iraq Again
David Swanson on bipartisan killing.

7 Letters To Write
In your own handwriting, before you turn 70.

10 Strange Unsolved Mysteries
Will we ever unlock the secrets behind them?

Kick-Start Your Fat Burning
Skip breakfast, says Dr. Joe Mercola.

33 Bizarre Wine Flavors
How many have you tried?

Did Hitler Escape to Latin America?
There is new evidence, says Chris Condon.