Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ron Paul on the Evolution of Freedom in the 21st Century

-Daily Bell
A leading free-market voice and political leader of the free-market movement in the United States, former Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex) is also a medical doctor and a leading exponent of Austrian free-market economics. Dr. Paul retired from Congress in January 2013 after an unsuccessful run for Republican presidential nominee in 2012.

While Dr. Ron Paul came to politics somewhat later in life, Ron has had an enormous impact on American sociopolitical culture. The impact was initiated on a broad scale during Ron Paul's run for the presidency in 2008 when he competed with other candidates on the Republican ticket and received national airtime for his views.

For many Americans, this was the first time they had heard a message that was both anti-war and anti-state, yet delivered by a successful politician who had served his country in wartime and whose focus was on a strict interpretation of the Constitution. In fact, Ron Paul's insistence that Congress follow the Constitution in its legislative initiatives led to Dr. Paul receiving the moniker "Dr. No." Dr. Paul continues to refuse to accept the congressional pension to which he is entitled as a congressman, believing his acceptance of it would be "hypocritical and immoral."

After losing the 2008 Republican nomination to John McCain, Congressman Ron Paul founded the advocacy group Campaign for Liberty, developed the Ron Paul Curriculum and the Ron Paul Channel and is very involved with Young Americans for Liberty. Dr. Paul has also written several widely distributed books such as End The Fed and The Revolution: A Manifesto.

By virtue of Dr. Paul's education in free-market Austrian economics, his friendship with such luminaries as economist Murray Rothbard of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and his formidable grasp of the history of free markets, Ron Paul was well-positioned to become a leading figure in a conversation over the resurgence of freedom in America.
(interview)(Daily Paul)