Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ron Paul Reacts to High Court Ruling on Cellphone Search by Police

Here’s a good example of how conservatives/libertarians can build coalitions with the left. Just recently the Supreme Court ruled to ban warrantless searches of our cellphones when the police stop us. It was a unanimous decision, which makes it an even stronger ruling.

They said that [police] snooping through someone’s cellphone without a warrant is to be prohibited, although there would be some restrictions. They agreed that our cellphones are protected under the 4th Amendment. Take that, NSA, and smoke it.

You know, the Chief Justice John Roberts concluded by saying, “Privacy comes at a cost,” indicating there would be some disadvantages of giving us this protection. Though I like the ruling and agree with it overwhelmingly, I do not like this idea that you have to give up something in order to have your liberties restored.

I think the invasion of our privacy comes at a cost, a much greater cost than anything about the police not getting enough information by not obeying the constitution. Restoring liberty should never be seen as a sacrifice of anything.

Note: The Supreme Court ruling was for the case Riley v. California.