Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ron Paul Responds to Chris McDaniel Election Results

I was disappointed with the outcome of the election in Mississippi yesterday, with the race between Cochran and McDaniel. I, of course, supported McDaniel and believed he was the best candidate. I supported Chris McDaniel because I was convinced that he would have stood strong for the cause of liberty. Though he lost, much good can come from the election in the area of enlightenment.

The libertarian, limited-government wing of the Republican Party lost this battle, but the war can yet be won. Compromise in Washington or in elections is not the answer. Big government neoconservatives like McCain and Graham and Cochran, defending corporate welfare working alongside big government liberals supporting social welfare, shows their true colors by combining their efforts to defeat a serious effort to reform the system in Washington that gives us nothing more than debt, war and NSA spying.

Anyone who thinks the reforms required to solve our problems by putting McCain, Graham and Cochran at the head of senate committees are seriously mistaken. Liberals and conservative welfarists will always join forces while ignoring the deficit and inflating the currency until the dollar is destroyed. That will be when the American people will accept the reforms we desperately need.