Monday, June 30, 2014

Supreme Court to Decide Impact of Obamacare Mandate on Hobby Lobby

-Ron Paul
This week we will get the Supreme Court’s opinion on a much-watched case dealing with Hobby Lobby and an Obamacare mandate to provide contraception for women.

One side argues that employers have religious rights and should not be forced to violate their owners’ religious beliefs. The other side argues that women have a right to birth control without paying.

It’s my opinion that this case should not be considered a First Amendment issue. It does, however, demonstrate a total absence of an understanding of the concept of individual rights. In a free society, an argument of this sort would not exist. Therefore, it will be impossible to completely satisfy either side, and certainly not both.

The principles of liberty, where property ownership and voluntary contracts are respected, prevent problems of this sort by providing a true and concise definition of individual rights.

I’ll have more on this on the Channel after the ruling.